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TALKoftheTOWN_LOGO2015-01This is for those of you who have asked and/or wondered where I went after mysteriously vanishing (aka getting fired) from the Syracuse airwaves about ten days prior to my wedding in February of 2015. It’s an update from my new radio home 38 miles east of Syracuse, in Utica.

And it’s timely.

It’s the one-year anniversary of my new morning show on 100.7 FM WUTQ. In August 2015, the dynamic father-son duo of Ken and Grant from Roser Communications took a leap of faith with a Rock Radio veteran and turned me loose in the world of Talk Radio.

I’m here with a full report.

First of all, this is a LOT of work. The amount of time spent reading, writing, researching, booking, editing, and otherwise prepping a show like this requires about ten times what I’d previously known. The good news is our Gang of Three (yours truly, my wife Beth, and Jay Aiello) are up for the task.

The goal was to deliver a unique Talk product that serves up local, national, and universal topics and guests that would interest, inform, engage and amuse radio listeners in a fast-paced, well-produced presentation featuring intelligence, wit, and great chemistry. Since that would cost WAY too much money, we went with Plan B.

Just kidding. We do a pretty good job. In fact, though there’s a long way to go, The Talk of the Town morning program just had the best ratings of its relatively short lifespan.

The content of the show includes interviews with local and national politicians, newsmakers and shakers, segments on Health, Cars, and Food; experts on cults, drones, terrorism and cybersecurity; and random discussions about mundane topics to which average folks relate, like this:

One of my goals in broadcasting has always been to humanize everyone who appears on the show. So, whether it’s former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, comedian Frank Caliendo, or actor Ted Danson (all recent guests), local CEOs or small business folks, or prominent area politicians from either side of the aisle, like Senator Joe Griffo, Congressman Richard Hanna, D.A. Scott McNamara, County Executive Tony Picente, Councilman Joe Marino, or New York State Assembly folks Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney, the idea is to make it real:

Our show is rapidly developing the reputation of being a safe haven for any and all viewpoints. Our pre-primary debate among the Republicans vying for New York’s 22nd Congressional District seat, jointly produced with WKTV, drew rave reviews. And we generally view politics through a fairly balanced prism:

Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t also agree to disagree at times:

Sometimes it’s donkeys, sometimes it’s elephants, and other times it’s cows. Like the one who was on the loose last summer, running through Utica’s city streets, and evading capture for weeks. It inspired our original parody, with apologies to the Commodores:

We also still cover sports in the same creative fashion as always, going beyond the scores and results:

We do love playing games on the show, such as the one Jay concocted on the anniversary of the 1969 Apollo lunar landing. And we ARE competitive:

There you go. Just as the irresistible rock duet by Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler says, This Is Us.

On my one-year Talk Radio anniversary, I’m thankful for the easy chemistry among us on the show. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with Jay, who brings endless local expertise and technical wizardry, and Beth, who is more natural at this game than I ever was. And I’m thankful for the chance Roser Communications gave me to do this kind of radio. If you get a chance, stop by and check us out.

Dave Coombs hosts The Talk of the Town weekday mornings on 100.7 FM WUTQ.

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