Terrorism Questions Answered Here

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When faced with disturbing and question-provoking situations like the recent tragedy in Paris, it’s great to turn to experts for clarity. We did just that Monday on our morning radio show.

Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy Seal and FBI operative, joined us on the phone and theorized here about the likelihood of terrorist attacks in small U.S. towns:

Scary sentiments. If and when it does happen, according to Gilliam, it behooves all of us to think about our options ahead of time, and then be ready to react and change our game plan at a moment’s notice, based on the scenario.

He also had key thoughts on the idea of closing our state’s borders, predicting this morning that others would follow suit after the “early adopter” decisions in Michigan and Alabama; he was right.

In another interesting exchange, Austen Givens, a professor in Utica College’s Cybersecurity graduate studies program, provided a differing viewpoint on the idea of closing our borders:

His opinion, coupled with those of Gilliam, illustrates why this topic is so complicated.

It also shows why I still love radio. To quote from the Dr. Evil character in Austin Powers, I “need the info.” And I love having the conduit to communicate that info to the masses. And I especially enjoy being a common sense moderate, with no preconceived political labels or affiliations. As I have always maintained, extremist behavior is unhealthy in religion, politics, diet, or broadcasting.

Dave Coombs is the morning host of “The Talk of the Town” at 100.7 FM Utica-Rome, New York. These entire interviews can be heard on his station’s website here.

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