Taking MY Shot

(Photo credit: Kelly Nash)

Kelly Nash takes a selfie at Fenway Park, with a baseball whizzing by her head. It goes crazy viral and Ms. Nash ends up with a job offer from the Major League Baseball Network.

I am so jealous.

But, luckily, I also have a number of selfies, featuring similarly crazy circumstances. Who knows where they’ll lead?

This shot, taken by me during a neighborhood touch football game in 2013, captured the moment when a pass thrown by Steve Mullin and intended for Kevin Schaffner went horribly awry, and narrowly missed my head by about four feet.


I’m still crossing my fingers and waiting to hear from the NFL. Of course, commissioner Roger Goodell has been awfully busy. (I should reiterate to The League: I suffered NO head injuries as the result of this play.)

The selfie below occurred a couple of days after the 2014 New York City Marathon. My fiancée (now my wife), was exhausted from her 26.2 mile run and miffed when I failed to put the toilet seat back down. Again. On this occasion, the sneaker barely grazed my head. Beth has very good aim when she’s motivated; thank God it was only a warning shot.


No word yet from Nike on any potential deals. (Note to Nike CEO Phil Knight: I’m also wearing a Nike shirt in this shot. Come on man, I could’ve gone with my New Balance selfie here.)

Domino’s may very well want to contact me about appearing in their next TV commercial. In the picture below, I took a slice of pepperoni to the temple at a Super Bowl party this year. A Seahawks’ fan at the gathering lost her handle on the piece of pie after the Patriots shockingly intercepted Russell Wilson at the goal line to seal the victory. She obviously should have handed off the slice, instead of PASSING it!


And finally, I’m hoping the fine folks at Saranac might offer me a gig (or maybe free beer for a year) when they see this: a bottle of their finest Pale Ale, falling from a railing at the top of the stairs above me. For you concerned beer drinkers out there: the bottle landed on the couch behind me. So, no beer was harmed in the taking of this selfie.


If Kelly Nash’s job offer resulting from her selfie is any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot more selfies in the year to come. Great news. I was worried about the supply running out.

Dave Coombs has been hosting morning radio for about 30 years and taking selfies for a bit less.

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