Sounding Good…

Justin Smithson and Keith James

(Photo by Rhonda M. Starer)

Our friend Justin Smithson (pictured above with great keyboard player Keith James) from the band “Showtime” got the chance Saturday to open up for REO Speedwagon at the legendary Stanley Theater in downtown Utica, NY.

Friday he was on our show and forgot his guitar. Today, he returned to tell us about his great experience and he remembered to bring his strings. Here’s his cool version of an Allman Brothers classic, straight from the acoustically-friendly Roser Communications studios at Canal Park:

Today’s show featured a little bit of everything–live and local music, political talk with a local assemblywoman, big local real estate news, a national cult expert on the recent tragic events at the church in our area, a comparison of our sleeping habits versus those of our ancestors (we do NOT get significantly less sleep than they did, probably because they rested uneasily, in fear of being eaten!), and our treatment of a story about a man who cut off his ears in order to more closely resemble his pet parrots. Now, that’s a full day!

Thanks to my bosses for allowing us to do the kind of radio that’s making an impact.

Dave Coombs is the morning host for The Talk of the Town on 100.7 FM WUTQ. He refuses to cut off any body parts.


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