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Gomez, Dave and lisa-2

On January 20, 2015, I wrote about my latest effort to get national publicity for my morning radio program. This just in: I scored! The bad news: I’m no longer WITH the show being touted.

Somewhere between ponying up my own money to pay for a tattoo of my show’s name on the lower left calf of performance artist Illma Gore…and the creation of that tattoo (above and below)…I was fired from my job.

Left shin side 1

I suppose there are options here. I could dig into my pockets again and pay Illma to WIPE OUT the two other names of the folks on my former show, but that would be petty and vindictive. Or, I could give my consent to Gomez & Lisa to allow MY name to be removed or altered. But, hell, that would be tattooicide.

So, I guess it stays. And I hope she never gets cankles.

There is another play. I could reach out to Illma and see if she has any real estate remaining. My current morning show is called The Talk of the Town, unofficially subtitled “Dave, Jay & Sam.” At least this time my name would be first.

Although, location can be risky. Gomez once had a radio partner who had the name of THEIR show printed on pencils. His partner’s name came first, reading left to right, from the graphite toward the eraser. As fans sharpened their prized promotional items, the partner’s name gradually disappeared!

There is no such danger in the world of ink. Unless, God forbid, there’s a prosthesis in Illma’s future. So, I’m checking my advertising budget. Although if I’m serious about getting the biggest bang for my advertising buck, I’m thinking maybe a REAL billboard this time. On a REAL highway.

Dave Coombs is the morning radio host on 100.7 FM WUTQ. He has no tattoos.

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