Patriots’ Memework


Not sure which is the more foolish and irresponsible expenditure in recent sports headlines. Jets fans buying electronic billboards (above) to punk Tom Brady. Or Patriots fans chipping in to cover the team’s $1 million fine levied by the NFL. No wonder they’re called Chowderheads.

The idea that anyone is incensed about poor Tom Brady or the Patriots getting unfairly screwed is ridiculous. The franchise is worth over $2 billion and Brady’s a big boy. He cheated. He got caught.

Let the memes begin:

Tom Brady-Shawshank

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host and big “Shawshank Redemption” fan.

4 Responses to Patriots’ Memework
  1. Tom Sheehan Reply

    Hi Dave,

    I think cheat is a pretty harsh description on this, and here is why.

    If the refs can throw a flag for a players uniform not meeting spec, or a helmet off at the wrong time, then why not flag for tampered equipment. With all the wasted time during commercials and pregame, give the zebras something to do. After all, this is a game time infraction and the NFL is blowing this up after the fact.
    I never knew this rule existed, and doubt that the majority of fans, writers, experts etc knew either.
    I do believe that Belebully will go to extremes for an advantage, and Bradey knows when his balls are mushy.

    Bending the rules, by all means yes. Cheating, well maybe.

    Let the league fine itself for not policing its own rules.
    And next time throw a flag during the game for unsportsmanlike conduct ( fifteen yards, loss of down).


    • Dave Coombs Reply


      With all due respect: They didn’t break a rule during play, when a ref CAN blow a whistle. In THAT case, it IS up the officials to catch it and make a ruling. Brady cheated in the corner in the dark and tried to get away with it.

      Maybe the NFL needs to cultivate a game that’s honest and hire employees who will adhere to honest principles and police themselves–the way golfers do. If a golfer commits an infraction, he usually calls it ON HIMSELF. Maybe there’s a basic issue with the character of the people IN the NFL.

      In any case, I do not think “cheating” is too harsh a term for what transpired. In the corner. In the dark. But thanks for the reply.

      • Tom Sheehan Reply

        You are correct Dave, the rule was broken before play and I respect your opinion (which is shared by most). Yes the NFL has loads of character issues.
        What I am trying to add to the banter is the fact that this could have been avoided if the NFL monitored an equipment rule that no one knew existed, and a solution for the future.

        I enjoy your blog, keep them coming!


        • Dave Coombs Reply

          Thanks, Tom. The NFL has a LOT of issues!

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