NASCAR in Sound Bites


Kyle Busch won NASCAR’s Toyota Save Mart 350 this week in Sonoma, California. With an assist from Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured).

The former governator drove the pace car, maybe even using Waze to maneuver around the track. And why not? The popular GPS app now features Arnold’s own voice issuing directions:

Of course, if he WAS listening to himself as he negotiated the banks and turns of the oval NASCAR track on Sunday, it probably sounded more like this:

Busch, who took the checkered flag, chalked up the victory to an unusual dose of male humility:

Schwarzenegger even stuck around until after the race to congratulate Busch:

Kyle’s brother Kurt finished in second place and was all choked up:

The elder Busch didn’t win much for second place, but fared better than Clint Bowyer, who was third:

At least their cars aren’t controversial. Bubba Watson, who won golf’s Travelers Championship, has some explaining to do about his 2012 automobile purchase:

Bubba Watson-Gen Lee

(Credit: Rob Schumacher/Arizona Republic)

Bubba paid $110,000 for the General Lee from TV’s Dukes of Hazard. In light of current events, Schwarzenegger is not too happy:

Maybe Bubba should just take some of the $1.2 million he won in Connecticut over the weekend, buy some orange paint, cover up that confederate flag, and call it a day.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host, and can’t drive anywhere without Waze.

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