Meet My Tweeps, Part 1

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Now that I’ve eclipsed the 3,000 Follower plateau on Twitter, I thought it would be nice to recognize some of those followers. Of course it would be even nicer to pay ’em, but I’m between jobs right now, so I’ll just recognize ’em. And I follow them, too, because their comments are compelling, their lives are interesting, and sometimes their handles just make me laugh.

Mommy Drinks Wine. Not to be confused with similar feeds, such as Mommy Needs a Drink and Get Mommy a Drink and Why Mommy Drinks. I have a preference for Mommy Drinks Wine, because she specifies WHAT she’s drinking, whereas the others are just Generic Mommy Drinkers. Mommy Drinks Wine also has a companion blog called, where literate moms convene online and try not to spill Vodka on their keyboards.

Ketchup Is a Veggie is another funny mom blogger, from New Orleans, following me on Twitter. Proof that I have health nuts paying attention to my feed. And good thing she didn’t use Catsup or I’d have to stop following.

Dudes also follow me. Mike in Philly (aka @WhiskeySoured) is the kind of guy who seems naturally funny and at the same time unimpressed with his own talents. If only he had an out of control ego, he’d be a perfect morning radio host. He spews amusing Tweets like I breathe.

Mike in Philly

I’m big north of the border with @JonTheMagicGuy, who identifies himself as a chubby, sarcastic magician and Howard Stern fan from London, Ontario, Canada, which is a very narrow niche that he probably OWNS.

Kate Astrophe is a self-proclaimed “serial killer of time” in Missouri. I love that she actually has to point out frequently that “Astrophe” is not her actual last name. People are so comedy-challenged.

Kevin on Earth (great name!) is a tireless wordsmith from Long Island, who always comes up with creative responses to hashtag games. He’s so prolific, I wonder if he even has a real job.

Kevin on Earth

I even have groups of people tuned into my feed. ApartmentX is a collective of comedians. Among their important observations is an appreciation of “Psycho Killer” as a dance song. No duh. If your body’s not twitching like a zombie while listening to that Talking Heads song or “Life During Wartimes,” featuring the work of Rock’s best drummer Chris Franz, then you’re not alive.

Top businesses like @Disposabowls also follow me. It’s a company that manufactures and sells pre-filled marijuana pipes. Smoke ’em and throw ’em away. Based of course in Colorado. I wonder if Mommy Drinks Wine has considered branching out. Mommy Smokes Disposabowls is available on Twitter.

Dave Coombs has been hosting morning radio shows since August of 1984, and Tweeting since November 9, 2012.

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