OK, now that we’re over the initial shock of seeing Bruce Jenner in full-on woman mode, we can begin accepting Caitlyn Jenner as the new reality. We can appreciate her at face value. And maybe face some realities about ourselves.

Jenner had said in an interview that he’d always felt his brain thought predominantly girl thoughts. My wife and I recently took a quiz making the rounds on Facebook and the rest of the Internet–the one which determines the “gender” of your brain.

We both came out 85% male. Which is probably no surprise to folks who know Beth. She’s a feminist (without being what Rush Limbaugh calls feminazi), loves to crack dirty jokes, and gets really excited about power tools.

I cry at movies.

The more we can recognize these percentages in ourselves and those around us, the better prepared we may be to succeed in conversations and inter-personal relationships with lovers, friends, and co-workers. For instance, imagine how much easier Secret Santa gift-buying becomes when you know how much of a dude or chick your cubicle-mate is.

This Jenner story continues to fascinate me. The male portion of my brain wonders how uncomfortable the “tucking” process must be. I mean, come on. All day long?!?

My 15% female side worries if I’m coordinating the colors of my outfits as well as Caitlyn.

I’m also fascinated with the leftover athletic ability the one-time World’s Greatest Athlete possesses at the age of 65. Could she compete now in any women’s sports at a high level? Would that be allowed?

Could she return to track and field and beat Usain Bolt, the World’s Fastest Human, if they both wore heels in a 100-meter dash?

Joking folks. Something I believe Jenner would appreciate. He said in his interview with Diane Sawyer he wants to approach this whole thing with a sense of humor, a topic I covered in a previous post about how jokes–tasteful and not–will play a big role in this unfolding drama.

Proof of the spectrum of feelings are on my Facebook post from this morning. When I asked people to sum up Caitlyn Jenner in a word, the answers have run the gamut from “hot” to “brave” to “phony.” A little disturbing from one standpoint, but also these are adjectives which could be applied to ANY of us.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host who would not look good with boobs.

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