Is My Hotel Haunted? What Do You Think?


Calling all ghost hunters and paranormal experts. My hotel is haunted. At least that’s how the story goes here on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles at the Roosevelt, where I’m staying for a radio conference.

I snapped all the pictures in this post in the middle of the night last night, because my body was still operating on East Coast time after my cross-country arrival at LAX. But, also because I figured that’s when most ghosts seem to show up in places like this–when the person who sees them is either really tired, or really drunk, or both.

Built in 1927, the hotel’s architectural design is something called Spanish Colonial Revival, which I think means people like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz like to come here and smoke cigarettes.


The shot above was taken from the balcony of my second-floor cabana room, looking across the pool toward the tower section of my hotel, where the conference will unfold later in the week. There’s a lot of eerie lighting in this picture, to suggest the presence of paranormal activity.

If I seem skeptical, it’s because I need some proof of the ghosts here. Allegedly the spirits of Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, and Montgomery Clift inhabit the establishment. Which means, of course, that the public relations folks here in Beverly Hills perpetrating these stories need to come up with some younger ghosts to appeal to the crucial 18-49 demo.

There are also accounts here of mysterious phone calls to the switchboard operator, cold spots, an infamous “little girl in the blue dress,” and bizarre photographic orbs. So, I’ll be taking a lot of pictures here this week, in hopes of seeing one of these phenomena. In fact, I tried to catch the ghosts by surprise last night with this quick shot, right outside my hotel room:


Nothing! Although, I had the distinct feeling something was hiding just around that corner, where the ice machine is located. And also: I did notice one of those odd “cold spots” in that general area. Coincidence? I think not!

Seriously, if you have some real hotel ghost stories or ghost-hunting tips, please pass ’em along in the Comments section below. Otherwise, I think I’ll just start hitting the booze, like Jack Nicholson did in The Shining.


Even if I don’t see apparitions, believe me, the prices of these spirits in my room’s mini-bar are enough to scare the hell outta me.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio ghost, uh host, who jokes about this stuff to mask his fears.

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