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2015 Boilermaker-blues bros

The 2015 Boilermaker 15K road race in Utica featured everything from ballerinas to Blues Brothers to a finish-line wedding proposal. Spoiler alert: she said “yes” and the Kenyans won again.

The best parts about driving around in a car instead of running: I got to to see the start, the finish, and catch a few different vantage points of the race in between. And I wasn’t tired at all.

Despite failing to train properly for weeks in advance, my wife still managed to turn in an excellent time. Mostly because she “drafted” behind maybe the biggest bun in the history of hair. Beth’s Garmin GPS runner’s watch factored her drag coefficient at roughly 27% better than normal, thanks to the woman’s coif in front of her.

2015 Boilermaker-bun

And the girl on Beth’s other flank won the 2015 Boilermaker award for Best Usage of Kinesiology Tape. (Even though it’s designed to enhance athletic performance on things like knees, I’m thinking about applying KT to my intimate parts to see what that does. For research purposes only!)

There were some other standout award winners along the race route. The folks from KISS FM did a great job with the music and energy. And these gals had some great signs at the turn from the Parkway onto Genesee Street:

2015 Boilermaker-signs

Anyone who is actually running away from someone else’s angry spouse in real life, please send me a private note; I’d love to incorporate you into a funny reality segment called Infidelity Survivor that I’m developing for my new radio show. (True identities will be kept anonymous to protect the innocent…and the guilty.)

The thematic runners are always fun, and did not disappoint this year. The ballerinas in my shot below were the only females (but apparently not the only humans) wearing tutus. The Blues Brothers clones pictured in black suits at the top of this post could not have been very comfortable in the heat.

2015 Boilermaker-ballerinas

My stepdaughter Katie is planning a theme for next year with her equestrian pals, running in full attire. If they’re really ambitious, they’ll convince some boys to run in front of them, dressed as horses. And they’ll deploy some riding crops.

The finish line at Saranac Brewery, with beer and food, is of course the promised land for the runners. And also for a lot of freeloaders looking to save on groceries for the week. This shot captured my wife right before she hit the tape:

2015 Boilermaker-finish line

Beth’s the one with the bright yellow shirt in the lower left corner, finishing just behind the Kenyans.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host. His car runs just fine.

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