How Do We Really Feel About April Fool’s?

April Fools-cartoon

Now that April Fool’s Day is over again, maybe it’s time to ask: Do we LIKE this annual ritual? Are we more annoyed or amused? Who looks more April foolish–the people who perpetrate the gags or those who fall for them?

Beth had a good one yesterday on Facebook. It was exactly 11 days following our return from a honeymoon.

April Fools 2015

She got a variety of responses, running the gamut from “hilarious” to “congratulations.” For those latter folks, my wife felt compelled to issue a follow-up:

April Fools 2015B

One year on the radio, our stunt was playing the sound effect of a cricket chirping almost subliminally in the background during the entire show. Based on the reactions we received, I’m not sure to this day if more people were puzzled, entertained, or pissed.

I’ve also used a very realistic-sounding police car siren at times on the air. It sounds so authentic, listeners texted to say it made them do a shocked double- or triple-take in their cars, as they checked their side and rear-view mirrors for the cops.

Years ago a co-worker pulled a great one (or nasty one), by leaving a plate of sponges with frosting in the kitchen at the radio station.

April Fools-cake

I picked up a piece in my fingers, tried to take a bite, and almost gagged. I was equally horrified at my own stupidity and REALLY ticked off.

Drag car racer Tina Stull (who is a prolific and excellent Tweeter @tinastullracing) put this picture out yesterday:

April Fools-sandwiches

The kicker is that it’s actually poundcake with frosting made to LOOK like grilled cheese sandwiches. Sort of an ANTI-April Fool’s prank, at least compared to the sponge cake gag, because the sandwiches are edible and delicious. But does it elicit the requisite reaction to qualify as a true April Fool’s trick?

How do we really feel about April Fool’s? Is it a tired tradition? Or does it still have legs? What are the best/worst April Fool’s gags you’ve pulled or witnessed? Please comment below.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host and reluctant April Fool’s practitioner.

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