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Buffalo joke

So, due to the glacier that hit Buffalo this week, the NFL’s Bills get to play a home game in Detroit this Monday night. Pretty fitting for a team that leaves Ralph Wilson Stadium to play one home game each year in Toronto.

Hey, why stop at Detroit and Toronto? Maybe the Bills could just go on tour all year. Kind of like the Stones. Play at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome one week, followed by a series of stops at large stadiums in various northern cities. Columbus. Toledo. Harrisburg. And don’t forget Ann Arbor! After all, it’s been a long time since Michigan fans have seen a real team in the Big House.

And if it feels too much like cheating, there are actually 13 other STATES with towns named Buffalo. Each one gets a lot less annual snowfall than THE Buffalo.

Or, the Bills could stay home but spice it up by changing their nickname on a regular basis. The Buffalo Toms, Dicks, Harrys. There are worse things that could happen to a football city. Just ask Oakland.

Dave Coombs is a morning radio host. He once hired a voodoo priestess to remove a spell from the Buffalo Bills.

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