Getting Some Ink


My junior high soccer and baseball coach Jack Jones used to refer to publicity as “ink.” So it comes full circle in 2015, as we attempt to get “ink” with ink. Literally.

L.A. tattoo artist Illma Gore (above) is covering herself in ink for a special art exhibit. For a small donation, we locked up space on her body for the name of our morning show. We can only hope for prime real estate, because it’s all about location, location, location.

Of all the methods I’ve used to get national ink for my radio career, paying to have the name of our show tattooed on a performance artist’s body may be the topper. Although, it’s a close call.

One highlight was the Valentine’s Day wedding we presided over in 1993 that took place outdoors. In freezing cold snow. In Syracuse. In a hot tub full of cherry Jell-O. You may have seen it nationwide on CNN.

Headline News Network aired an earlier gag of mine I concocted when I was a radio host in Rochester: Naming a pet shop parrot “Jimmy the Beak” and having it handicap the 1988 Super Bowl by choosing between two colored peanuts to represent the teams. Don’t ask me if the bird got it right!

My longtime radio partner Gomez and I also previously bought some publicity (with the boss’ credit card) by purchasing a commemorative brick at Centennial Plaza prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.


When we travelled to Atlanta for our broadcasts at the Final Four in 2013, we made a pilgrimage to see our brick. Unfortunately it was covered up by vendors’ tents.

We did get more TV pub during the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament. After winning an on-air wager with Seth Davis, the basketball commentator paid off on live TV by wearing an orange wig and displaying our radio station’s pennant. Had Syracuse hoops lost to Montana, our end of the bet would have been painful: a plunge into the wintry waters of ice-cold Oneida Lake.


All pretty strong ink. Or pretty embarrassing, depending on your point of view. Sometime this March, our current stunt may turn out to be the winner. Spelling, of course, is crucial.


Dave Coombs is a morning radio host and loves the classic cartoons of Gary Larson.

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