A Song in Our Hearts


Question: What am I doing on a television set (above) outside a hockey arena on a 70-degree day in June?

Answer: The Utica Comets are playing in the American Hockey League’s 2015 Calder Cup championship series. My Comets song is getting monstrous radio airplay. And, with the help of WKTV, Utica’s NBC affiliate, it’s been turned into a music video.

The David and Goliath hockey tale is one step closer to completion. The Utica Comets, playing in the smallest market and tiniest arena in the AHL, need just three more wins for a Calder Cup title. An exciting 3-2 victory over Manchester Wednesday night in Game 3 cut the Monarchs’ 2-0 lead in half.

The song, “Utica,” a takeoff on Van Halen’s 1984 hit “Panama,” is becoming a hit over the Mohawk Valley airwaves. Here’s my prior post on the interesting creation of the parody.

Tom Starr, program director at WXUR, 92.7 The Drive, whose station has been playing the tune in heavy rotation, said his veteran air staff tells him “it’s generated an unprecedented response to each play.”

Here are the lyrics:

Comets fans know that sound
Another goal at The Aud downtown
Hot team…they’re Built for This
Flick of the wrist…they can’t miss
The Comets are just like our family
A hockey team we trust
Cuz they play for us
Utica, Utica, Utica, Utica

Now, more stations are playing the song. And I’ve been getting requests from folks for a downloadable version, so they can add it to their pods, pads, phones, cassette decks, 8-track machines, whatever. So here you go:

Download UTICA


If you’d rather not download, but just LISTEN to the song, here’s that:

Enjoy the song. It now belongs to the community, just like the Comets. Let’s cheer them on to a series-tying win Friday night at The Aud.

And if you see the Monarchs players around town the next few days, don’t give them any additional motivation against the Comets. Kill them with kindness. Buy them a beer or an extra donut.

Dave Coombs in August 2015 started as morning host on 100.7 FM WUTQ. He looks a lot better on radio than TV.

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