A Few (Not So) Good Men


Those darned New England Patriots went from righteous indignation to resignation awfully fast. The NFL team’s owner Robert Kraft caved on the whole DeflateGate thing.

This occurred after he had written a 20,000-word diatribe proclaiming his team’s innocence and railing against the injustice of the league’s decision to punish his Pats. It occurred after he publicly defended his coach, Bill Belichick, and after he demanded apologies from the media to his star quarterback, Tom Brady.

The reaction from Kraft, the acceptance of the penalties, the 180-degree turnaround, indicates one of a few different potential truths in this matter:

A. There were “considerations” extended to the Patriots by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You know: Bob, we’d really appreciate it if you would acquiesce on this one. I promise we’ll help you out down the road in the future  Here’s a little something, you know, for the effort.

B. Kraft’s decision to forego an appeal wasn’t genuine, but just a gesture for public display. After all, his statement that he would accept the league’s decision did include the word “reluctantly.”

C. Kraft realized his team was wrong.

Rather than be lumped in with all the other sports cheaters who’ve made ugly denials to the end, he chose to wave the white flag. Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, Rafael Palmeiro–all these guys looked so bad for so long. Maybe Kraft realized that this “rhetoric” was unbecoming of his proud organization.

He seems like a reasonable guy. So, let’s go with the latter. And let’s add a little wrinkle. Maybe Kraft came by some information that won’t be publicized. Maybe he had a private conversation with one of the particulars. Maybe he sat down with Tom Brady and pushed him for answers. Maybe it went something like this:

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Of course, we do know Brady never performs very well when pressured.

In any case, the final chapter of this saga may linger…until Brady’s personal appeal plays out. And if that doesn’t materialize, maybe this is the end of the story, and we’ll all have an idea of whether A, B or C above was closer to the truth.

Dave Coombs is a longtime morning radio host and conspiracy theorist.

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